“In situ” literally means “in the place of,” as in the English word “situation.” But in mechanics and computer engineering, it takes on another meaning: an operation performed in situ means the regular operations of the machine continue while another procedure occurs. Nothing is interrupted or even detected: the ordinary functions coexist to produce the machine’s life cycle.

We are made up of millions of complicated processes each day that occur silently and rapidly to make up what we are in a functioning world. In the past, we have only investigated the science behind human life when something went wrong. But this blog exists to explain the science behind the functions of everyday life as it occurs: in situ.

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My name is Elizabeth Earl. I’m a journalist by trade, radio and science enthusiast by choice and literature lover by nature. I run this blog for fun with no profit to myself- everything I write here is for the general benefit of the public. I have no advertising contracts or deals with anyone to write about anything.

However, I’ve gotta pay the bills somehow. I’m available for collaboration, advising and freelance work, so drop me a line if you are interested.

For more of my work, check out my online portfolio at elizabethearl.pressfolios.com/.


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